The evidence from all OECD countries shows that the private sector is far more bureaucratic and much less efficient than the public sector when it comes to providing health care.
Ten Health Care Myths

Gentlemen from Hooker - and many other places - are quite literally pouring these and many other poisons into your coffee and your kids' juice. They just do it in a more indirect, anonymous, and apparently socially acceptable way.
150 Years of Dirty Water


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  • Capital is reckless of the health or length of life of the laborer, unless under compulsion from society.
  • – Karl Marx

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By Ulli Diemer

Letter to the Editor, NOW magazine:

It's so tiresome to see food fanatics like Sarah Keating (NOW, Feb. 23 - Mar 1) spouting their ill-informed nonsense. Keating claims milk "has no place in a healthy diet". So how does she explain all those millions of milk-drinkers walking around in good health?

Moreover, the "facts" she cites in support of her prejudice only demonstrate she doesn't know what she's talking about. Keating would have us believe all milk is "full of sugar, fat, and cholesterol". In reality, skim milk, which most nutrition guides recommend, contains no fat or cholesterol. And while it contains some sugar, so do fruits and vegetables, which she says are an essential part of a healthy diet.

The fact is that a healthy diet requires balance and moderation in what you eat, not rigid rules. You can be healthy on a diet that includes milk, and on a diet that doesn't include milk.

What has no place in a healthy lifestyle is ill-informed dogmatism.

Ulli Diemer
February 28, 2006

October 2007. First published in the New Internationalist #331 (January-February 2001 issue).
Aussi disponible en français: Abandonner l'intérêt publique.
También disponible en español: Abandonando el Interés Público.

Contamination: The Poisonous Legacy of Ontario's Environmental Cutbacks (on the Walkerton water contamination disaster).
Chemicals in your water: A little is too much.
150 Years of Dirty Water.

Ulli Diemer

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