Canada is ‘nice’, American author declares

By Ulli Diemer

The Varsity
Friday, January 12, 1973

Canada is a nice country, American author Arnold Beichman told students watching the taping of the TV program Under Attack at Vic Wednesday.

The remark, one of the few definite statements Beichman could be moved to make during the course of the evening, brought him a round of applause from the audience.

Canada was nice, Beichman said, because it was democratic and his wife came from British Columbia. Beichman, who looks a lot like Lorne Greene, confided that he and his wife still had links with B.C.

Beichman is the author of Nine Lies About America, in which he argues that the biggest threat to American democracy comes from the lies the left spreads about America. The book is an elaboration of an earlier article Beichman wrote, entitled "Six Lies About America". (Three more lies were presumably uncovered after the article was published.)

Beichman, who stayed at the luxurious Holiday Inn and received an attractive fee for his performance was reluctant to actually answer questions while on the show.

He prefered to respond to questions by retorting "what about Russia?" and "what's your alternative?" He may have been nervous about the show, for he changed his shirt both before and after the taping.

Beichman recently returned from England, about which he wrote a book. It is not known whether he will write a book about Canada on the plane back to Boston.

Beichman did not reveal how much money he was making from his books, but he did assure questioners that they could have as much access to media as he did, if they wanted. In this he was backed up by moderator Bill Walker who told students they could start their own mass circulation newspapers if only they showed more initiative in going out and trying to earn money.