The evidence from all OECD countries shows that the private sector is far more bureaucratic and much less efficient than the public sector when it comes to providing health care.
Ten Health Care Myths

Gentlemen from Hooker - and many other places - are quite literally pouring these and many other poisons into your coffee and your kids' juice. They just do it in a more indirect, anonymous, and apparently socially acceptable way.
150 Years of Dirty Water


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  • Capital is reckless of the health or length of life of the laborer, unless under compulsion from society.
  • – Karl Marx

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In a Direct Line - Photo by Ulli Diemer

Polluted Logic

By Ulli Diemer

Letter to the Editor, The Globe and Mail:

The business of allowing polluters to buy their way out of complying with the law is an innovation with vast untapped potential. (Ontario Hydro sells pollution credits to Connecticut company, May 8).

For example, law-abiding drivers could sell their unused speeding and dangerous driving credits to drivers who want to be able to hit the road without having to worry about speed limits or the niceties of the Highway Traffic Act.

Agribusiness companies whose products contain pesticide concentrations exceeding those permitted by law could buy surplus pesticide contamination credits from organic farmers.

In the spirit of this new trend, I am now ready to entertain bids for my unused burglary and armed robbery credits from individuals who have exhausted their own quotas in the course of their trade. Cash only, please.

Let the free market rule!

Ulli Diemer

October 10, 1998