Sellout - a short review

Sellout: The Giveaway of Canada’s Energy Resources
Philip Sykes
Hurtig $2.95

Reviewed by Ulli Diemer

Sellout: The Giveaway of Canada’s Energy Resources is a much better book than you’d expect from the editor of Toronto’s Sunday Sun. It’s a competent, fairly thorough, discussion of the misdevelopment of Canadian energy resources, covering a broad range of questions. It’s a valuable indicator of the extent of the problem, but unfortunately it has no solution to offer except pessimism and the bland hope that maybe business and government will change their evil ways before it’s too late and we’re all caught up in ecological disaster and economic ruin. It’s too bad Sykes is unwilling to contemplate the thought that maybe the system of business and government (it’s called capitalism) is at fault.

Published in The Varsity

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